Best Fall Foods To Boost Fat Loss

Looking to shed that bit of extra weight you put on over the summer months? If you indulged in just a few too many adult beverages while out and about at gatherings and campfires, not to mention tasted almost all the summery treats you came across, as the fall sets in, you might be looking to undo the damage.

Making some smart changes to your diet at this point is a great way to get the weight loss process kick-started and yourself back on track.

If you do like most people however and start feasting on the comfort foods of the season, you aren’t going to be seeing the results that you had hoped for.

Winter foods can be just as troublesome for weight gain if you aren’t careful, so it’s imperative you understand how to go about making your choices properly.

Let’s have a look at the best fall foods that will help you boost your fat loss results.

Broth Based Vegetable Soups

Moving along, a second terrific food to choose this fall is broth based vegetable soups. These are an excellent choice since they’re highly filling, highly nutrition, and very low in calories.

Prepare yours with some low-sodium chicken or beef broth, as many vegetables as you can get in, a small amount of barley for healthy carbs, and then a main protein source such as chicken or shrimp.

This will give you a very complete meal that’s ready in minutes. Make a big batch and freeze some in individual serving containers for the meal on the go.

Spaghetti Squash

First up on our list is spaghetti squash. If you’re a pasta lover who can’t bare the thought of going more than one week or two without your beloved pasta dish, then this will be the perfect substitute.

Spaghetti squash has a very similar look and structure as angel hair pasta and can be used in exactly the same manner.

Best of all, it’s far lower in calories so will be ideal when you’re trying to curb your intake.


Finally, the last of the fall foods that you should be eating to lighten your diet up is pumpkin. Pumpkin is great for adding into baked goods such as muffins, for adding to oatmeal with a little pumpkin spice for added flavor, or for adding into desserts as well. Canned pumpkin is very low in calories and will add more moisture to your dishes, so is the perfect selection when you need to shed fat fast.

Ground Turkey Meatballs

Ground turkey meatballs are the next item on the fall foods list that you should be eating on a regular basis. These are excellent since they’re lower in fat and high in protein, so will work well with just about any diet.

Prepare them as you would regular style meatballs with egg whites and oats.  Just do be sure that you are using a lower calorie sauce after cooking them to serve them up in a healthful manner.

So there you have some of the smartest foods to eat this coming fall. If you’re wise with your choices, you should have no problem shedding those few extra pounds gained during the summer season.